written by Pavol Hejný
on 2018-06-29
event was happening 2018-06-23 – 2018-06-24

HackPrague 2018

I was looking forward to this event long time because HackPrague 2017 was my first hackathon.

When it was announced there were 4 categories AR/VR, AI, Blockchain and IoT. I want to go to AR/VR category with WebVR but this category was unfortunately canceled.

Few days before Veronika came up with an idea of an app that converts your sketched wireframes on a paper into computer vectors (.svg, .ai).

We made a team same as on FakeHacks Hackathon (Verča, Michal, Jakub and me) with Eva who joined us.

We have decided that we want to do it as simple as we can and ideally working offline on a low-end mobile phone. So we haven't chosen some machine learning tool like Tensor Flow. Because we want to work it anywhere (iOS, Android, web) I have chosen to write it in TypeScript.

Process of converting

When we were working on it lot of people directly there said to us that they really want this tool when it will be ready. So the idea seems to be very good. Now we have to complete it to working MVP.

If you are interested too, you can subscribe at the bottom of the article and I will send you an info if the idea will be in some useful state.

PS: Veronika and Kuba made a vlog frome whole event so you can look:

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