written by Pavol Hejný
on 2018-06-29
event was happening 2018-06-12

Security talks Pilsen

When I was at the Startup Weekend Pilsen I didn't know that I will be back in Pilsen in a month at the security/crypto event organized by TechHeaven. The whole event was held in beautiful place DEPO2015.

There were 3 talks:

Security issues in web apps

Vladimír Smitka shows interesting security mistakes eg. vulnerabilities when using target="_blank". He continues with problems of uploading, keeping debugger, keeping backup files from Vim and .git directory accessible from the network and CSRF.

It was very similar to my talk 2 months ago at ITNetwork meetup. I have written an article about it.



Pavel Škoda showed the history of cryptography and differences between symmetric vs. asymmetric ciphers.


IT (in)security

Jiří Vaněk told interesting cases of critical vulnerabilities in history, stories from penetration testing and how to do it better.


After that, there was a networking. I met there one of my friends from Startup Weekend Pilsen David Žahour who is creating hydrogen car and a lot of other cool projects in hardware with his group iSOUEsense - IoT.

I have stayed at beautiful coworking space TechHeaven. And next day Honzamain organizer of this event and CEO of TechHeaven and me planned next events and hackathons. So I am looking forward to next cool events in Pilsen!

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