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VR/AR/XR, GraphQL, Progressive Web Apps, AI, ML, Blockchain, Web3,… 🤯

Are you realising the full potential of technology in your business?

With the ever–evolving landscape of exponential technologies, it can be challenging to keep up to date and use it to its potential in your business. However, by incorporating cutting–edge tools such as advanced browser APIs, Web Assembly (WASM), using TypeScript, and benefiting from GPT when writing code, you can code, you can differentiate your business and achieve new levels of efficiency, innovation and customer engagement. 🚀

Who I am?

Portrait photo of Pavol Hejný

I'm Pavol, a developer and tech enthusiast who is passionate about exploring cutting–edge tools and technologies. As a co–founder of H-edu and Collboard, I'm invested in using digital innovation to transform education. I've developed several citizen science projects, including the first mobile app for birdwatchers in the Czech Republic, and spoken at tech and startup conferences on topics such as VR, AR and AI. I also run Czech.events, a platform that helps people find and attend technology and innovation events. My talent for identifying growth opportunities and mentoring startups has led me to win several innovation competitions. I'm committed to inspiring others and believe that technology can help solve the world's problems.


Portrait photo of Tomáš Studeník

I've known Pavol for 6 years. Especially from hackathons and other innovation projects. If you are with his team, you can bet he'll be in the top three.
And you would have right!

Pavol is an innovator who knows the latest technologies and can find quick solutions to challenges in industry, education and urban development. He's capable of making a difference within 24 hours. He is one of the top 10 people in the country for rapid prototyping of applications.

Portrait photo of Jan Šedo

Pavol built a prototype of our H-edu app so that we could get immediate investment. He then designed the architecture of the system and the use of the technology, which proved to be the right choice for our proved to be the right choice for our purposes. In the early days of covid-19, responded very well to the teaching needs of the teachers and in record time created exactly the solution that thousands of teachers have since used.

Portrait photo of Max Kozlov

Pavol is an absolute beast when it comes to creating digital products. I've seen him – literally overnight – create an integrated chatbot that won us the 1st place at Startup Weekend Prague.

He learns any topic or technology quickly and builds even faster, with exceptional usability.

I'd recommend Pavol to everyone who wants to see real life results in a manageable time frame.
Plus he's really considerate, kind and a pleasure to work with.

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